Sunday, January 16, 2011

2nd week in Az

Week 2 is over and we have yet to see a raindrop or cloud in the sky. We started the week last sunday visiting McDowell Mtn Park. It is within 10 miles of where we are and is very scenic. They offer camping,hiking, mtn biking, and daily picnic areas on the 21K acres.
Monday we went over to Old Town Scottsdale. Great shopping and I bought an addition to my Southwest pottery collection, a small Acoma pot. The Acoma pottery is noted for its geometric designs which are all handpainted . The craft has been handed down from mother to daughters for centuries.

Tuesday we ended up at the ends of the earth in my estimation. Since we were not able to visit the Hoover Dam due to the distance (5-6 hrs away) David suggested we go to Roosevelt Dam in Tonto Natl Forest. How far I ask, "oh only about 35 miles" he says. Well, 225 miles later and white knuckle driving through curving 6&7% grade highways with very little civilization, second half in the dark, I was relieved to see the Fountain Hills Township sign. It was very pretty and included the bridge, cave dwellings, and beautiful basin views but...

After Tuesday's expedition, we laid low on Wednesday. Thursday in Fountain Hills they have a farmers Mkt and also local artists and craftsmen showing their wares. Some really unusual things and very interesting.
Friday we went into Phoenix and visited the Pueblo Grande Museum. This place is right in the middle of town and it is the ruins of the Hohokam civilization. You will notice in the pictures the buildings not far from the museum.
Saturday was the Scottsdale Car Show and what a show. No Austin Healeys or MGs but the cars shown were something else, mostly custom hot rods and cars from the 50s.It was held in this big mall parking lot. January is car show month in AZ. I have included pictures of only a fraction of what was there. Is there really a slow economy??? The $$ represented in that parking lot was astronomical and most of the license plates were from AZ and Calif. Check out this 53 Vette.
We walk most days in the fountain park.It is a 1.25 walk around a type of reservoir of reclaimed water and there is a fountain in the middle that goes off for 15 min every hour. A small strip mall is part of the attraction and there are bronze sculptures of children around the walkway. The one below is a favorite.
To view more pics, click here

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well, our first week in sunny Arizona is over and I have taken a few shots to share with you. Mike & Kelly stayed with us until friday. We enjoyed a variety of activities with the kids and Felix and Theo were very adaptable. We are staying in Fountain Hills which is about 15-20 miles out of Phoenix. Beautiful community and the park with the fountain is about 1/4 mile from our place. The fountain goes on every hour for about 15 minutes and we can actually see the top of it from our bedroom window. A shot of it is in the slideshow.
Our first day here we went to, of all places, an ice arena.Kelly's nephews and niece skate there so it was decided we would go and put Felix on the ice for his first time.I took a few pics then went outside to hang out with Theo.
Monday we had a down day due to Felix having the bug. He bounced back by Tues and we went to the Phoenix Zoo. We had a great day as you will see in the pics.Lots to see.
Wednesday we headed north to Sedona to the Red Rocks. Some pretty awesome scenery. Hard to believe we are in the same country.
Thursday we just hung out and went to the park to feed the ducks and play with cousin Zoe .Click
here for slideshow.
Hopefully, I will post another series of adventures next week.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

biggest project yet

I know it has been awhile but..... Anyway, we began  our biggest project on 11/15 since we removed the roof and added another floor to our Manchester home. We  had a new retaining block wall built on the shoreline (145')of our property. The preliminary permits were approved and associated paperwork completed. Now comes the heavy stuff. It was estimated that 110 interlocking blocks (Really big Legos)weighing 2500lbs each would be needed to cover the existing frontage. The docks needed to be removed and four small trees cut. Demolition of the old wall was a big part of the project. A couple of shots here but click here for more.All landscaping is going to be done in the spring and new docks will be installed.

Docks being removed   

...docks gone

Felix in the "BIG TRUCK"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun in the Fundy

Time has a way of slipping by and good intentions sometime have to wait longer than anticipated. Well, that was what happened with planning a kayak day with 7 of my closest friends. We finally got together today, sans Colleen ;o(, after talking about it for a year.
We started out the day with a great breakfast to which everyone contributed. The weather was perfect, calm waters, slightly overcast.
We see each other off and on but this gave us some real time to kibitz.
Group shot (sans me)

                                                                                Heading out


In the Fundy, no wake zone

Hamming it up...

Heading home...Thanks, girls, for a great on the agenda, snowshoeing!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July get together

Getting together with the family always means lots of food and plenty of laughs. The 4th was no exception. We also had the pleasure of meeting  our great niece Charlotte from Texas for the first time. What a cutie pie and really easy to make giggle. Check her and the rest of the clan out with these few pics from that day.
 The Party Boat
Stars & Stripes Forever!

The Group

Ladder Ball with Craig & Sara, me & Chuck

The "line judge"-Karen and Sylvia flinging balls.

does he do a Geico commercial??

 My poor baby elephant rock, this looks serious...
End of great day!

Miss Charlotte

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baltimore Orioles

We have been here at the lake for 5 summers and , up until now, have only seen orioles a handful of times. This year I decided to try and entice them to a spot that we could enjoy them. I read orange slices seem to be a favorite of theirs so I hung a piece out off the deck. It worked. They are very quick and don't hang around feeding but I was able to snap a shot of a pair. They have been coming around regularly.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things We've Passed Down

This attempt at my first video with music almost put me on drugs. My sights were set on getting it done for Mother’s Day so I could post it to my blog but I was unable to upload it and had some minor roadblocks with the music.
It’s not perfect but I thought I would post it anyway. I’m hoping to try it again (glutton for punishment).
The music is a Marc Cohn song and I love its meaning. I hope you enjoy it.